2nd April 2006, Please submit your features request now
We are in the midst of preparing the next release of this fun project, and still deciding which features to be included. We are now open for suggestion, please submit ur suggestions to the project forum, appreciated!

20th March 2006, Play Sudoku in SQL Plus Environment

As promise,  the "pre-alpha" release of the game, which allow user to play sudoku in SQL Plus emulated env is ready for download. So in case, you are too addicted to sudoku puzzle, like me, and needs to play sudoku during office hour, you could, now..the game even support "boss is here" command.. Go and check it out. And do leave us comments on how we shall improve the project.

15th March 2006 - Wow! Our project being Accepted.

The main objective of this project is to create yet another Sudoku game using Java.

Just kidding, there are too many Sudoku games (Java or not Java) out in the market, either commercial or open source. The main objective of this Sudoku project is to provide a platform (A Java Swing Application) for developers to participate by delivering various kind of plugins to make this addicted game more fun, entertaining, and most importantly, free for all. Currently, following plugins are planned:
a) Sudoku Puzzle Generator -> Ability to generate Sudoku Puzzle by difficulty
b) Sudoku Puzzle Solver -> To solve a given Sudoku puzzle.
c) Sudoku Output Driver -> Output a Sudoku Puzzle, including all those pencil marking to a specific device, such as printer, Excel file, PDF file, HTML, and etc.

People are encourage to download various kind of plugin to personalized their Sudoku, The project web site will rate each plugins each night by it performance (e.g. How long does it take for a solver to solve 1000 Sudoku puzzle), popularity, user rating, and etc.

Future possible plugins include:
a) Sudoku Teacher -> Provide a comprehensive step by step guide on solving Sudoku puzzle
b) J2ME Plugin -> Using the application, to generate a set of Sudoku puzzles, and create a j2me jar Ki file for user's mobile phone.

Well, feel free to comments what u think about this project, and what u wanted to see for this project.

The project still at it early stage, do give us few weeks to polish this web site. At the same time, do come back a few days time for a "SQLPlus" version of Sudoku Game.

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